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April 23, 2012


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Kate Warren

You're sure it's not RA? I have it on the authority of a really good YouTube video that he is in fact the man who brought sexy back. On the other hand I've also seen videos that say Kermit the Frog, Donald Duck and SpongeBob brought sexy back.

My muse is called Eustacia. She's not as diva-like as your Endora but she is very inconsistent in her schedule. She's an odd mix of classic and modern and she loves bad puns.

Donna Cummings

LOL, Kate -- believe me, Mr. RA has inspired me plenty. In fact, I kinda had him in mind for a hero of a different book I'm working on. :) I don't think I could use the others -- Kermit, Donald Duck and SpongeBob for suitable inspiration though. LOL

Eustacia sounds fun (trying to think of some bad puns for her.) Endora is definitely a diva, so it sounds like we can't arrange playdates with the two of them. LOL I also think that an inconsistent schedule is part of a muse's repertoire. At least in my experience. :)


Donna, I love the way that you and Endora interact.I bet she invades your dreams as well, testing ideas, acting out scenes, and thoroughly firing up those neurons.

I recently decided that I needed a more spiritual muse. I was playing a computer game with my Grand. It involves Santa flying over houses and dropping presents down the chimneys. I was hopeless, knocking more holes in the roofs than filling the kids stockings. This was when I experienced a revelation, rather like St Paul on the road to Damascus.I realised that my current muse was missing the target more often than not!

I then decided that I needed to attract Kundalini to my writing realm. To extract the wisdom of ages from the subtle energies flowing in the aether. I'm still trying to awaken her but when I do, I expect the blast to rock the romance world! LOL

Anyway I can always read your books when I need uplifting .... hurry up with the next one please!

Donna Cummings

Q, Endora and I are quite the pair, aren't we? LOL I had to laugh at the thought of you not being able to play Santa!

I don't know much about Kundalini -- I thought it was a type of yoga. :) I'd better investigate this. It might help me keep Endora in line. And I'll be ready when you rock the romance world (can't wait!)

I'm finishing up some novella edits, and then I can get back to something else -- most likely another historical. Although I'm also finishing a contemporary. . .There's a lot of things going on. LOL

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