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April 16, 2012


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This was a fantastic post! I'm so glad you posted it again! Did you ever get back for the things you wanted to see "the next time" or is this event coming up? It does look like a hot day!

The "slowness" and organization of battle amazes me all the time. I can't imagine having so much time to think about what is happening! So many great details from your day -- I never knew that the drummer had a purpose to play a different rhythm for each command. Thanks again for sharing!

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I'm glad you enjoyed the re-post. I haven't made it back, but I plan to this summer -- and I hope it won't be as hot this time. They do it over an entire weekend, but one day would be plenty for me. :)

I didn't realize just HOW slow things were until the guy demonstrating the musket loading showed all the steps the way he did. And the drummer's purpose -- I'd always thought they were for decoration or something. LOL This made so much sense. It's why I love research--all kinds of great details that I wouldn't even think of otherwise.


Looking at the pic of a cannon being fired reminded me of an incident from my days in defense research.

A team was demonstrating a new 'high electromagnetic pulse' device, but it was so cumbersome with all the cables and electronic gear that a general asked "How are you going to persuade an enemy to stand in front of that!?"

Of course the military only used cannon for large targets like castles or ships! LOL

Sturbridge sounds a bit like Stourbridge which is a small English town near Worcester.
A major English civil war battle occured at Worcester and people often stage re-enactments for fun.

Isn't it surprising how loud a musket or cannon can sound!

Nice pics. *smile*

Donna Cummings

Q, excellent point about getting the enemy to stand in front of the weapon. LOL

Sturbridge is actually a small town near Worcester, in Massachusetts. :) We kept a lot of the English names, although I'm sure you pronounce things differently than we do. Worcester is pronounced "Wista". LOL

It really was amazing how loud and smoky and colorful the whole thing was. It's great to be able to experience it all firsthand, and then try to translate it into words. :)


Donna, fascinating to hear that you all like the old country's place names, despite the war and all!

Off topic point:

On Lexi Revellian's blog she gives her reasons for turning down a contract with an agent. As an Indie yourself I thought you might be interested. *smile*


Donna Cummings

Q, not only do we keep your place names, we use them over and over. I think each state in New England has a lot of the same town names. LOL Makes it VERY confusing.

And thanks for the link -- I'm going to go check it out!

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