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April 01, 2012


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Christine Warner

Perfect! I could picture this scene so easily and loved the description :)

Kate Warren

"White-trash wedding sitcom" cracked me up. Your writing is so real! Fantastic six!

Donna Cummings

Christine and Kate, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed this. :)

Silver James

I love you heroine. Just sayin'! And these lines, one following the other, are just nigh on perfect!

...the missing cast members of a white-trash wedding sitcom.

And for some reason, I felt wildly attracted to him.

I can't wait to read this book in its entirety, Donna!

Tatiana (@AVeryGoodYear)

Love the voice you write with. The PoV character feels real, and that man looks divine.

Angela Quarles

GREAT intro to the hero! Loved several lines especially (white trash one and how he'd not realize his hair needed cutting until 2 weeks later). Can't wait to read this...

BTW, finished LORD MIDNIGHT last week and loved it!

Karyn Good

White-trash wedding sitcom - love it! I can tell the sparks are about to fly!

Donna Cummings

Silver, I have to admit I'm rather fond of Shelby too. LOL I hope you'll be able to read the whole thing one day soon. :)

Lorraine Paton

I love the way you write - such a great, humorous voice! Fabulous six!

Donna Cummings

Tatiana, thank you! I think the man is divine. But I can't stay impartial. LOL

Donna Cummings

Angela, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And you just made my whole day! I'm thrilled you love LORD MIDNIGHT. :) Thank you for letting me know!

Gemma Parkes

Lovely description, l can 'see' him so clearly!

Donna Cummings

Karyn and Lorraine, thank you so much for the compliments. :) I'm so happy you enjoy it.


Awesome! Love the line about the white-trash wedding sitcom. :)


Amazing description, loving your work!

Donna Cummings

Gemma and Alix, thanks -- I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy it.

Thanks, Ruthie!

Tonya Burrows

Ooh he sounds hot! And I love Shelby's voice. The first paragraph cracked me up.


A nice descriptive six!

Heather Boyd

Great six. Can I have him instead of your heroine?? He sounds so so hot.


Ah, a man you love to hate ... or hate to love? :)

Wildcat's Wife

White Trash Wedding -- LMAO!! - Is this a foreshadowing?

Donna Cummings

Sandra, thank you!

Tonya and Heather -- we might have to wrestle for him. LOL I'm kinda partial to him too. :)

Stephanie, he's actually a sweetie, although Shelby spins his brain around a time or two. LOL

Wildcat's Wife -- I'm not sure if it's a foreshadowing. They were just at a wedding, where gunfire came out of nowhere. LOL

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