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May 20, 2012


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Paula Martin

Lovel tender six, and I like his feeling of vulnerability.


A vulnerable hero. Sigh! Great, tender six.

Angela Quarles

That was such a wonderful scene and you handled it so beautifully. I loved Lord Midnight and Marisa. I think my heart was thumping too...

Joya Fields

Awesome six, Donna! Ahhh, sighing along with her. Nicely done .:)

Christine Warner

Sexy and tender...enjoyed your six!

Lorraine Paton

Wonderful six, Donna! I love that he reveals himself to her in this scene - a great moment of trust. :)

Donna Cummings

Paula and Linda, thank you -- I like that vulnerability too.

Angela, thanks so much! I'm glad you loved them. :)

Joya, you sighing along with her made me smile. :)

Christine, thanks -- glad you enjoyed!

Lorraine, yes, it was an important moment of trust -- glad you liked it. :)

Kate Warren

I loved that scene! Actually I love pretty much all the scenes with Lord Midnight in them.

Wildcats Wife

There is something erotic and sensual about tracing the face. And, removing the mask reveals so much!

Kate Meader

"...relishing her answering sigh." Oh, I sighed right there. Lovely six.

Donna Cummings

Kate W., that makes me feel so good to hear you say that. :)

Wildcats Wife -- I agree, there IS something very erotic about tracing someone's face.

Kate M., I'm happy that you sighed. :)


Aaaaaah. That was a happy sigh. reat six!

Mae Clair

Well, this is just so good in so many ways! The first time I saw you blog about this story (it was on a guest blog) I was utterly and completely sold, and downloaded the book the moment I finished reading the post. I'm wrapping up reading a series right now but this is on my TBR pile. It's one I can't wait to dive into!

I love that Gabriel feels vulnerable in this moment. Great simmering sensuality. Bravo!

Mac Crowne

Sweet intensity, Donna. Very well done. Great six.

Donna Cummings

Ruthie, you made me give a happy sigh. LOL

Mae, thanks for all the wonderful compliments! And I'm so glad my guest blog intrigued you. I appreciate you letting me know about that. :) I hope you'll find Lord Midnight an enjoyable read.

Mac, thank you. :)

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