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May 25, 2012


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My favorite summer memory is going bicycle riding with my mom when I was little. Thanks for the chance to win!
natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com


Spending a whole day on the beach with my family swimming and building sandcastles.

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Thanks for this giveaway!

My favorite summer memory is when we went to a theme park, rode Zip Line and had a road trip. It felt so good.

I added you as a friend in Goodreads. My name there is Nina Francesca.

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One of my favorite memory is my cousins and I playing and swimming in a creek at a campground. It was seriously very cold, so the first 5 minutes of acclimating was always filled with screams and teasing.
melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

Megan @ Books-andTeacups

My favourite summer memory is 3 years ago when I visited Sydney, Australia. The sightseeing was wonderful, and living with my sister for a while was great! :)

I have followed you on facebook and 'fan'ed you on goodreads too.

booksandteacups0 at gmail dot com


I love remembering summer storms, watched from my parents verandah at night time :)

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Donna Cummings

I'm loving everyone's summer memories! Thanks for sharing them. It makes me glad that summer is on its way. In fact, I think it's decided it's here TODAY. :)


My favorite summer memory, is my son, finally learning how to ride a bike.
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Catching fireflies in the backyard with my sister when we were little!

Am Hengst

just being outside and planting our vegtable garden and taking care of the flowers

Am Hengst

I like you on FB - amhengst

Am Hengst

Friends on GoodReads - amhengst


I loved getting to go down the shore as a kid, several days of beach fun, sun, playing in the ocean.


Precious Mae

My favorite summer memory is when we went to the mountains and trailed the river down with my friends. It was lots of adventure!

Also, I liked your page in Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pmapilisan - [email protected])

Amanda W

When I was little, every summer my family would drive to visit my grandparents.


When I went to the concert in my city and I accidentally met my boyfriend... Cute story :D

Goodreads: Disincenive/Feta

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Spending time at the Outer Banks when my children were young.


My favorite summer memory was spending the whole day picking berries in the woods with my friend and her mom made a pie later that day with the berries we picked! Thanks for the giveaway!


Donna Cummings

Even more great summer memories! I love them. It's no wonder this is the best season of the year.

I actually have some fireflies in this novella, which I'd forgotten about until NGS mentioned them. :)

Linda: Book Ninja

Favorite summer memory? D.C. when I was around 10. I had met some really great friends and we had an epic sleepover party.

Thank you!
Lindadao2060 at yahoo dot com

Connie Bernhardt

Playing in the my grandpa's cherry orchard when I was a child with my cousins. We were the dirties sticky little kids but the cherrys were so wonderful. I'm surpriced he ever had any to sell by the time we got done picking and eating. We still laugh and talk about all the fun we had out on the farm.
[email protected]

Crystal Young

Having a cookout with family and friends on the day of the Indy 500 every year, And listening to the race on the radio. We always had alot of fun. We always had water balloons.
crystaley73 at yahoo dot com

Mel Bourn

My favorite summer memory is spending the whole day at the swimming pool. I left the house at 11:45 and returned at 5:30, everyday!
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com
FB: Mel Bourn
Goodreads: Mel Bourn


Aaaaaaawww, I love all of my summers! But my fave would be when we went to Malaysia and Singapore because I enjoyed it so much. That's in terms of the vacation factor but I really enjoyed this summer too even though I took summer classes because I spent it with my wonderful new friends. <3 (P.S. Summer here in the Philippines starts around March.)


I fanned you on Goodreads! Tobi is username

Thanks for doing the hop! <3

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My favorite summer memory is from last summer, when I went on an exchange trip to Italy for 23 days. It was absolutely wonderful spending time with young Italian people, eating gelato (ice cream!) and getting a tan. Wauw, I miss it!



I remember just running around my neighborhood all day and coming in at dark

Donna Cummings

Thanks for sharing all of these! I feel like I'm enjoying your summer with you. :) The cherries, and the cookouts, and the travel. *big sigh of contentment* Yes, summer is definitely the best time of the year. :)

Ashley Siegle

My favorite summer memory is camping at the campground we used to have a seasonal spot at I made many friends (and had many summer crushes ;P) there!


My favorite summer memory is when I gradutated from highschool my brother, mom, grandparents and I took a roadtrip from Wisconsin to California and back in a NON airconditioned car!!

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