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June 10, 2012


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Linda Morris

Ha! Love the last line. With any luck, he'll think *both* of them are cute.

S. J. Maylee

So much to love here. The start paints the perfect picture and I was gripped all the way to that super adorable last line. A wow 6.

Patricia Preston

This is a such a wonderful story! Perfect last line.

Joya Fields

LOL, LOL! Love that ending. :)

Mae Clair

This is just a adorable from beginning to end! Wonderful visuals and such a great close. A winning six!

Silver James

Oh, Donna! You are the mistress of "last lines." LOVED this snippet.

Tonya Burrows

I'm thinking he will! And as for the dog chewing on the shoes, I know how that goes. My rescue pup chewed up one of my favorite pairs of heels the day I brought him home. (But he looked awful cute doing it.)

Wildcats Wife

Donna! This is delightful. I loved her last line, but then I loved her actions and how you tied in the hunk and his BMW. Good six!!

Virginia Kelly

Great 6, fantastic last line!

Kate Meader

How could he resist either of them? But he does seem pretty attached to his car as well... Things are heating up. Love it.

Mac Crowne

Adorable Six. Love that last line!

Kate Warren

I cringed right along with her! Great six!

Cara Bristol

Uh oh! Definitely she should bring the dog when she goes to explain.

Karyn Good

Very cute six! I loved the last line!

Angela Quarles

Cute 6! Totally loved this story!

Donna Cummings

Thanks, everyone! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)

Lorraine Paton

LOL! I could see that ball fly through the air and the both of them watching it. Great six! Love your last line! :)

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