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July 15, 2012


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Heather Boyd

Great last line! Wonderful six!

Lisa Fox

Sadly assholes are so often very, very attractive.

Donna Cummings

Thanks, Heather!

Lisa, why is that? LOL We need to change that. :)

Tonya Burrows

LOL I think I'm allergic to assholes too! Awesome six.

Kate Warren

Don't we all have that allergy? ROFL!

Cara Bristol

So true...that's how breakups go. The "breaker" gets his or her ducks lined up and THEN pulls the rug out from under the "breakee." Hey two cliches in one sentence! I'm proud of that one.

Donna Cummings

Tonya and Kate, they need to make some kind of medicine for that, don't they? LOL

Cara, that was awesome! I love the thought of ducks flying thru the air when the rug gets yanked. :)

Mac Crowne

Love that last line! With an attitude like that, Delia won't have any problem making the switch. Nice job.

Angela Quarles

Great description of her turmoil right now-- it's so true! Poor thing! And loved the last line!

Joya Fields

I got a real feel for her attitude in this snippet, Donna. Great six! :)

Mae Clair

I feel so awful for her. And Bradley needs to be strung up by thumbscrews! She definitely got the last line right. Great six, Donna :)

Kate Meader

So much to love here: "breakup foreplay" and "allergies to assholes" are classic! Great six, Donna.

Laura Kaye

Some great lines in here! Enjoyed!

Carrie Crain (Wildcat's Wife)

""Allergies to assholes." OMG! I love that line. I have a real good sense on her attitude and feelings toward this man.

Jenny Hickman

Allergies to assholes... I didn't even know that was a condition. I'll have to update my medical records. Fab six, Donna!

Linda Morris

Allergies to assholes, yes, I've had those, and Claritin does not help. Great six! I laughed out loud.

Virginia Kelly

Love this! "It would be so much easier if I could hate him, but I hadn't had time to make the switch." Oh, yes the switch. And the last line. :-) Great six.

Karla Doyle

Love the voice in this story, Donna. Fantastic writing.

Eleri Stone

Your writing is so smooth, that last line really comes like a punch at the end :)

Patricia Preston

Love the last line! Says it all.

Veronica Scott

She has spirit! Very well done six!

Maryellen Brady

OMG, love this!!! emotional and vivid, comes to life as I read it :) last line is awesome!

Teresa Cypher

I missed this last week. "Allergies to assholes." Oh my, lol, that is priceless! Great six, Donna :-)

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