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July 08, 2012


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Heather Boyd

I like the way your heroine thinks -- go for the fork girl. LOL

Lisa Fox

It is too bad society frowns on that stabbing thing - he sounds like he deserves it.

Cara Bristol

Well, fork him! Love that she's so pissed.

Kate Warren

I like the way she thinks. Could she maybe stab him with a spork instead?

Gemma Parkes

Love your gentle humour! Great snippet!

Mae Clair

What a cad! He deserves worse than the fork (unless it involves a pitch fork and an angry mob). Love the acid humor in this. Your heroine rocks!

And, oh, I'm a panster too. Is there any other way to be, LOL?

Mac Crowne

Fatal fork fantasies! LOL yeah baby! I love her and your humorous voice, Donna. Great six,

S. J. Maylee

I think her hand should slip while she's putting her fork down. Oops I'm sorry, did that hurt. He deserves a little prick ;)
Way to make us fall and cheer for your heroine, well done

Kate Meader

Oh, Donna, so much to love. I especially enjoyed this line: I'd known he was a neat freak, but this bordered on obsessive compulsive.
Excellent! I just downloaded Summer Lovin' and can't wait to read it.

Jenny Hickman

It would def. take a lot to stay in there after that bomb! Another great six. Can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Donna Cummings

Heather, I'm not sure how she manages to avoid using that fork. LOL

Lisa, it really is frowned upon, but why? :)

Cara -- LOL -- great phrase! I might have to steal that!

Kate, I knew there was a good reason sporks had been invented. LOL

Donna Cummings

Gemma, thanks -- I'm glad you enjoy my humor. :)

Thanks, Mae! I'm a fan of this heroine -- she manages to have a sense of humor about her calamities. And yay for a fellow pantser. Pantsers rule!

Mac, thanks so much. I'm glad Delia and gave you some laughs. :)

S.J., that's an excellent strategy, the ole "accidental stabbing". LOL I think that could come in handy. :)

Donna Cummings

Kate, I'm glad you liked that line -- I'm kinda partial to it too. LOL And I hope you enjoy SUMMER LOVIN'. :)

Jenny, I think it's kind of fun what happens after this -- I may post it and see if you agree!

Karla Doyle

What a jerk! Flip off the old lady & stab the guy, that's what I say!

Angela Quarles

Oh yay a new story! And loved this intro to her, poor thing! Yeah, pretty sure they wouldn't let her do that with the fork ;)

Veronica Scott

Oh GO for it - it's clearly justifiable fork-stabbing! Loved this six....

Laura Kaye

Her pain and bewilderment were palpable! Great six!

Donna Cummings

Karla, you're a woman after my own heart. LOL

Angela, it's a new OLD story. :) I'm finishing it up and getting it ready to put out there -- in one way or another!

Veronica, it's definitely justifiable!

Laura, thanks so much! Glad you liked it. :)

Tracy Brown

LOL! I love it -> "...yet I was pretty sure they wouldn't let me stab him repeatedly with my dinner fork until the tines broke off."

I realized I hadn't stopped by your blog in awhile and thought I'd swing by today! :D

Hey, Happy Friday!

Donna Cummings

Tracy, I'm so glad you stopped by today! And I'm doubly glad you liked that particular sentence. LOL Happy Friday to you too. :)

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