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August 15, 2012


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Donna, your writing process is rather how I imagine some ancient Chinese alchemist discovered gunpowder.

That mix definitely gave a pop on ignition. What if I increase the saltpetre a bit and reduce the carbon and maybe top up the sulphur.

Definitely a bigger pop, lets double those increments. Make sure to note down the composition.

BANG I did it! What was the composition. Blast, it incinerated.

Lets try again! LOL

Fascinating insights.
When your mix is right the blast can be cosmic!

Mae Clair

Donna, loved this glimpse into your writing process!

I'm a messy writer too, jotting a few stray notes, possibly tossing in some "inspirational photos" of setting potential and hero/heroine lookalikes. Mix it together, shake it up, spill out a scene or two and see what takes fruit.

And like you I'll go back to sometime I've written before after a long time and think, "Hey, that's actually pretty darn good. I should finish that, LOL."

I love hearing how different writers work, especially when I can see the end result of their efforts in published form.

Fun post!

Donna Cummings

Q, you always make me smile. :) I love your description of how gunpowder was discovered. It's like when I "wing it" in the kitchen, and come up with something yummy and I can never quite duplicate it again. LOL Although sometimes I incinerate my culinary creations!

Donna Cummings

Mae, I love hearing how different writers work too. At first I wanted to know that what I did was "okay". LOL But now I've realized there are many, many different paths to "The End", and it's fascinating to see what kinds of things work for everyone. And you're so right about going back to something and being surprised (and thrilled!) that it's a good story. I love when that happens!


Loved this! It makes me feel better also to know other "messy" writers are out there. LOL It can be so tempting to walk away from the mess and think "I must not be doing this right."

Or I'll re-read all the parts written at different times and feel like many different writers had contributed their two-cents. Was it really all me? What was I thinking? LOL And I think if I'd just plotted better to begin with, then this mess wouldn't happen. So I try this and, what do you know, I just have a different mess created from some predictions that somehow don't work out exactly like I thought when I try them. Or maybe it's the same mess and I only created it from a different direction. I guess I'll never know!

Thanks for inspiring me to try "something" -- no matter what stage of a mess it's in -- in my story today! :)

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I'm always glad to hear I've inspired someone! I had to laugh at your description of having a different mess when you try to "plot better to begin with". Some stories require a bigger mess, so you can get to know it better, and get to know the characters more deeply. We just have to reassure ourselves that we can survive whatever mess we create. And heck, we might as well have fun while we're in the midst of all this messiness!

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