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August 12, 2012


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Jessica Subject

LOL Yes, she should leave him with a huge dinner bill. Great six! :)

Cara Bristol

Such a vivid, well-painted scene. You do great action.

Sandra Bunino

I love the "clutching the bottle like it contained a genie with the last of his three wishes" line. Sensational six!

Donna Cummings

Jessica, he's definitely going to have a few dinners' worth to pay for. LOL

Cara, thank you so much!

Sandra, I'm glad you liked it. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Paula Martin

Great scene, could just imagine it. Love the last line!

Karla Doyle

Yup, love the bit about the wishes. Another great snippet, Donna. Hurry up and finish this, will you?

Angela Quarles

Awesome scene, Donna! As the others said, it's very vivid and it totally convinces me that I will absolutely love this heroine. Loved the genie-bottle line!

Mackenzie Crowne

love it donna! Lol

Christine Warner

LMBO..I love it. Totally unexpected and a great twist! Can't wait to read more.

Linda Morris

Ha, I wouldn't tell him either! Great six.

Jasmine Aherne

Awesome scene. Glad she didn't mention the trousers! Hah.

Mae Clair

LOL! Ohhh, he so deserves that wet spot on his trousers. As always, a fantastic six, Donna!

Kate Meader

Lots to love here, the genie line, the wet spot. I have a fondness for "anger hampered his swing." Great six, Donna!

Tonya Burrows

Bahahaha! Too funny. Love it!

S. J. Maylee

No way, don't tell him. LMAO. I love her.


Saw your interview over at Mae's and thought I'd stop by. Glad I did. Why is she even seeing him again? Loved the details and the humour

Elin Gregory

Oh lord *facepalm*

subtle revenge is the best sort.

Silver James

Oh, girl! I have soooo missed reading your snippets these last few weeks. My bad! LOVED this one.

Kate Warren

LOL! Serves him right, the jerk.

Carrie Crain (Wildcats Wife)

Well, he can just walk around with a wet spot on his pants. He deserves that and a whole lot more. LOL.


once again you've done an amazing six sentences. Check out mines I'd love your input.

Monica Enderle Pierce

Nothing more dangerous to a man's wallet than a woman scorned.

Virginia Kelly

LOL! Thank you for my wonderful "laugh of the day." Love it! What a great Six.

Jenny Hickman

YES! Although only a minor slice of revenge, it is still very sweet.

Lila Shaw

Ha! Payback's a bitch. Glad he saved the wine.

Donna Cummings

Thanks to everyone -- I'm glad you enjoyed this. I truly revel in your compliments. :)

Sue, the breakup just occurred, and Delia can't get back home easily, since it's an hour away, and she's not sure it IS her home anymore, since she shared it with the ex. Plus she doesn't want to run away, so she's decided to have a bit of revenge instead. Hope that makes sense!

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