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August 19, 2012


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Kristal Baird

Humorous - and oh, so true... Find Kristal Here

karen Y. bynum

Loved your 6!! Delia has such a wonderful sense of humor during such a frustrating and difficult time. Looking forward to more! :D

Elin Gregory

Exhaustion *snickers* been there, done that. I like that she can laugh at the situation. Brave lady

Angela Quarles

Awesome 6 as always, Donna! Love her humor!

S. J. Maylee

OMG that is true. Wish I could hang out with Delia. Funny 6.

Cara Bristol

I really enjoy your writing. It rings so true.

Linda Morris

Ah, yes, exhaustion. The most reliable method of all. As always, your six are funny and fresh!

Karla Doyle

Oh, that's super cute, Donna!

Kate Warren

Exhaustion! Too funny and too real! Great six.

Mae Clair

What a fab six! You have made Delia so likable and human that of course I'm cheering for her to find an HEA. And as always, your touches of humor are perfectly placed.

Kate Meader

I don't know how sorry I feel for her - she did have five good years, LOL. She's such a great and likeable character, Donna. Great six!

Christine Warner

LMBO...love that last line! This sounds like a fun read.

Paula Martin

Love this six - especially the last, very real answer!

Virginia Kelly

LOL! I spewed water everywhere. Teach me to read your Sixes with something in my mouth. :-)


Love your humoour! read your interview with Jenna(?) yes I can relate to exhauston

Carrie Crain (Wildcats WIfe)

Oh no! I felt so sorry for her with your last line. ):

Jessica Subject

Love the character's voice! :)

Silver James

LOLOL! And she doesn't even have kids yet! (Or does she?) Love Delia. She is my kind of heroine!

Jenny Hickman

"Exhaustion." Sounds like a method that's 99% as effective as the rest of them :) Can't wait to read more.

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