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August 26, 2012


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Kristal Baird

Love the Pee Wee/ Pollock image - very imaginative!

Lisa Fox

Beautifully written!

Karla Doyle

So, what's next for Delia, I wonder?

Ceri Hebert

"It was July, so it was hotter than the current teen singing sensation," Love this! Very well done!

Cara Bristol

You write with such beautiful detail.

karen Y. bynum

Love the way you weave humor into your stories!! Great 6! :D

Paula Martin

Great detail here. I could just imagine them - and the walls too!

Angela Quarles

I agree, great detail and humor in this snippet!

Linda Morris

Love the image of drunken painters winding up with a Pee-Wee's Playhouse/Jackson Pollack hybrid! Great six as always.

Kate Meader

Oh, Donna, that last line is brilliant! Great, great six.

Monica Enderle Pierce

Great use of imagery in these six, Donna. Especially like the PeeWee/Pollack twist.

Tonya Burrows

Peewee/Pollack. Now that is frightening! I just love your writing, Donna. You use such great imagery.

Mae Clair

That totally rocks!! I love the teen sensation/Santa's elf thing. I don't know where you come up with your ideas but WOW!!! As always, you knocked it out of the ballpark, Donna.

Virginia Kelly

Jackson Pollack and PeeWee Herman, all in one. Love it!

Kate Warren

I was thinking the painting could get interesting if there was wine involved. Brilliant and funny!

Carrie Crain

So creative with your description about the teen sensation. LOL. I imaged Justin Beiber. She's painting up a brand new start on life. Love it!


Great six...loved this line:

It was July, so it was hotter than the current teen singing sensation

Amy Gregory

Great six! Love the visual!

Heather Boyd

Nice six! Made me smile.

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