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September 02, 2012


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Heather Boyd

There is just the tiniest bit of difference between a mammogram and a date, although there could be similar levels of breast groping in both circumstances. LOL Hopefully the latter is more enjoyable than the former. Great six!

Sorry your summer is over but spring has just begun in Australia. Yippeee

Donna Cummings

Heather, you're too funny! LOL I love it.

I don't mind autumn showing up. It's actually one of my favorite seasons. It's just that winter is right after that, and it's so rude about never wanting to leave once it's here! Hope you have a lovely spring. :)

Cara Bristol

I sure do love your writing style. So witty.

Ceri Hebert

Cute and clever. I really enjoyed this!

Donna Cummings

Cara, thank you so much -- I'll remind myself of your kind words when I'm editing. :)

Ceri, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have a soft spot for Delia. LOL

Eleri Stone

You did a great job of portraying her anxiety. It feels very realistic to me.

Elin Gregory

Ewww, she really is anticipating excruciating embarrassment, isn't she. I just hope it's not as painful. :)

Donna Cummings

Eleri, thanks -- it's an agonizing moment for her, that's for sure. LOL

Elin, I'm not sure it's excruciating. . .and not really painful. But definitely memorable!

Tonya Burrows

Aww, I hope her date goes better than she plans!

S. J. Maylee

I'd be envious too, that night in sounds fabulous, says the old married woman :)

Linda Morris

Ew, if the date sounds as bad as a mammogram, I can understand why she doesn't want to go. Gave me a chuckle, as always!

Carrie Crain

Mammogram appointment. Snort! Chocolate and a sexy book doesn't sound too shabby though. LOL

Virginia Kelly

So when will this be for sale? I love it! My guaranteed laugh on Sunday.

Want more summer? Move south. Memorial Day is the end of the "season," but the heat and humidity continue ...

Kate Meader

The What Ifs? Love that! So much wit and humor here, Donna. Another winning six.

Teresa Cypher

Lol...love that last sentence, Donna! Nice snippet :-)


I need all the laughs I can get. And this six did the trrick - because it's good for you :D

Monica Enderle Pierce

I love the WhatIfs; they're a wonderful contrast to the seriousness of her emotions.

Christine Warner

You do such great dialogue! Always enjoy your six Donna :)

Suzan Butler

Very witty snippet, Donna. I love it!

Frank Fisher

I love the dilemma Delia is going through. You point out very well what girls typically do during that stage. Nicely done!

Kate Warren

If she'd rather have a mammogram she must be really dreading this date. LOL Great six, Donna!

Mae Clair

I always love the humor you inject into your stories. So 'real' and so clever. Another fabulous six showcasing your wonderful talent. Well done!

Melissa MacKinnon

Love your six! This is my first time visiting but I'm sure I'll be back! A great voice here.

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