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September 16, 2012


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Lisa Fox

I love his amusement and the brewing tension between them!

Jessica Subject

Oh, he's trying to remain serious, but not doing a very good job. I wonder if she'll crack. Great six! :)

Cara Bristol

This is so fun and sweet! I love it.


I love both the main characters already! Can't wait to read this one. :)

Elise Brookes

Silly boy. She's going to clean the floor with him. :)

Christine Warner

I love a man with humor...and that first paragraph pulled me right in. Nicely done!

S. J. Maylee

This six was so much fun. He's so cute as he takes her in and I can just see her trying to take control of the situation. Fabulous 6, I was right there.

Eleri Stone

He sounds like trouble. Hot, delicious, complicated trouble.

Rae Renzi

Wonderful characterization! Reminds me of a big dog smitten by a little cat.

Carrie Crain

Two states away?! Oh, no. This guy is a hoot and her reactions to him, priceless. Love it!

Gemma Parkes

Lovely! I love the interaction between these two and the way his mind is working!

Virginia Kelly

This is a fabulous story. Love these two, she's gutsy and he's just plain old fashioned great. Love him. :-)


Loving this - his car - two states away - lol

Lauren Murphy

I loved it. Too much fun!

karen Y. bynum

Loved this! Felt like I was in the car with them! Tense and funny! Excellent 6 :)

Teresa Cypher

This is wonderful, Donna! Such great descriptions! The car seat must have room for three, because I was right there with them :-) Great six. :-)

Kate Warren

I loved this! These two are so much fun already! Can't wait for more. :)

Monica Enderle Pierce

I can't wait 'til he finds out that she's a lot tougher than he thinks!

Mae Clair

I can so see this playing out in my head and I'm loving every minute of it. What a fun, sexy read this is going to be, Donna! Love it! :)

Heather Boyd

Great six. I love a woman who demands a man looks her in the eye. LOL

Silver James

Dang, Donna! I always fall in love with your characters and man but Slade is gonna be a killer. ;) Katie's got her hands full. Can't wait to follow them on their adventures.

Elin Gregory

Well he's a saucepot isn't he? :) Terrific stuff.

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