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September 23, 2012


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Christine Warner

Hmmm...sounds good to me but I'm not so sure she'll be easily swayed! lol

Love their easy banter...very fast paced and fun.

Cara Bristol

A million bucks might make a difference. Love the humor in your writing.

Cara McKenna

Great voice and tension in these six, Donna!

Karla Doyle

A hot guy and a million bucks? I have a car he can commandeer!

Sara Walter Ellwood / Cera duBois

Love teh tension! Great six.

Patricia Preston

Love the humor and the last line is a great hook. I'd give him a ride for a million dollars. LOL!!

Virginia Kelly

Oh, I love it! A million bucks? I'm intrigued. Unless he's lying, even then I'm intrigued. These are fabulous characters. And the humor, what she really means by sugar. Happy smile of the day :-)

Kate Meader

Um, it sounds great. Where do I sign? Very fun six, Donna!

Silver James

That's quite an inducement. And I love that her hand is so...close. ;) I love this story!

Karen Michelle Nutt

A million bucks just might give her pause. Great six.


will that make a difference? will she do anything for a price??

S. J. Maylee

Trouble, it sounds like a whole heap of trouble. Trouble I'd like to read about, lol.

Heather Boyd

Ah, he offered money. LOL That's either going to go really well or really bad. Nice six!

Carrie Crain

Your voice is amazing! I really am chomping at the bit to read this book!

Kimberly K. Comeau

Is he lying to get his way? A great question to be left wondering. Makes any reader want to read on.

Siren A. Star

Great six! I wasn't expecting him to say the million bucks line.

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