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September 09, 2012


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Cara Bristol

I like this little scene a lot. It totally feels like a romantic comedy. I can picture this scene in a movie.


Wow, this story sounds like so much fun! You've captured me with one of those "great moments" when I know life is definitely never going to be the same for the characters. :)

And I loved, loved the LORD MIDNIGHT review!

Angela Quarles

What a great first-meet! I really hope you find a way to get back to this story! Need a Beta? I especially liked the "unnecessarily handsome"

Karla Doyle

Super cute snippet, Donna! Hurry up and finish this one. :)

Elin Gregory

"unnecessarily handsome" best description ever!!

Christine Warner

Love it...sounds like it's going to be fun to read and to write!


unnecessarily handsome what a hoot! and she couldn't remember - do so love your humour

Virginia Kelly

Love this! An unnecessarily handsome hero. How wonderful! Hope you keep posting even if it's in first draft.

Kate Warren

Well that's one way to introduce yourself. I'm looking forward to this already!

S. J. Maylee

This sounds like a whole lot of fun. Love the title. Unnecessarily handsome, you crack me up.

Kate Meader

Wow, wish my first drafts looked this good! He can make it up to me anytime. Great six, Donna.

Monica Enderle Pierce

Ha! Fun and charming. Love that you've got them both in a bind.

Mae Clair

Well, you are just so talented it's ridiculous! Every time I pop by for a six you have something that tops the last one (which I can't imagine is possible). I LOVE this and can't wait to see more. It's fun, sexy and clever! Ecnore! Encore!

Oh, and loved the review. I agree wholehearthedly. I'm still in love with Gabriel.

Jenny Hickman

I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of her... predicament :)

Donna Cummings

Thanks for all the compliments, Sixers! You've helped reignite my writing mojo. :)

Angela, I'm not far enough with this to need a beta YET, but I will enlist your services when it's ready. Thanks for the offer!

Mae, thanks for calling me talented. Some days I don't feel like that. LOL So it's nice to hear--keeps me going. :)

Okay, I'm off to finish reading more Six Sentence Sunday snippets. (I love all those esses. LOL)

Carrie Crain

Is this a new book? OMG! Want. Fun title, crazy characters and a pace so fast, I forgot to breath.

Donna Cummings

Carrie, it's a WIP I've been working on, and had to set aside. I hope to get back to it soon!

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