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September 30, 2012


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Cara Bristol

Such suppressed emotion. Love it.

Elin Gregory

Very nice 6. He's very cheeky but then masks make people brave.

A.S. Fenichel

Very smooth. I like him! Great six!

Carrie Crain

I get swept away when I read your snippets. They read like a gentle breeze.

Christine Warner

Ooohh...I swoon! I like him. Wonderful snippet.

Virginia Kelly

Gabriel is the absolute best highwayman. Adored him. Thanks for reminding me of a great read :-)

Mae Clair

I remember the masquerade ball was one of my favorite moments in Lord Midnight. What a wonderfully courtly, gallant and seductive highwayman you created, Donna.

Sending you wishes for much success with the Madness Sale. Lord Midnight was an awesome read and I know others will fall in love with it (and Gabriel *wistful sigh*) every bit as much as I did!

Monica Enderle Pierce

How wonderfully brash he is. Great six!


sure the devil made him to it. Always blame the devil. He sounds such a rake :D

S. J. Maylee

Her fingers dug into his hand<--love her reflex to hold onto him. Fabulous.

karen Y. bynum

Love it Donna! He needs to steal her!! ;) Great six.

Patricia Preston

Love the snippet. So romantic with a dash of humor. I will tweet your sale. This book is definitely a good buy!

Silver James

OMG! How had I not downloaded this to my Kindle before now! Corrected that mistake! Can't wait to read the whole thing now. :)

*swoon* Gabriel is sooooo dashing! Loved this six.

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