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September 26, 2012


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Mae Clair

I like your way of thinking, Donna. I've never lost the joy I have for writing . . . for creating characters and stories and hope I never do.We need a reminder of that from time to time. Thanks for a great post!


I love science. Used to love messing with chemicals in test tubes.

Then gyroscopes, radio valves, electromagnets etc dominated my interest and I started to read physics books.

The inner mathematical theorist then took hold and I wanted to be a theoretical physicist. It started as a hobby but then it became a career. When your main hobby becomes your livelihood, then life can be really good!

Writing fiction is still only a casual interest with me. But it gives me a window into the world of a professional novelist. It allows me to join in the mud-pie fest or I would prefer a sand castle fest ..... means the kids can join in without upsetting their parents. And my biggest reading fan is a nine year old! LOL

With characters like Lord Midnight and the lovely Marissa wafting into your dreams, creating their story must be more a privilege than a drudgery!

Can't remember the first appearance of this post but its definitely worth a re-run!

Donna Cummings

Mae, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Some days I need the reminder that writing is fun -- and usually all it takes is a little re-read of one of my stories, and I fall in love with writing again. :)

Q, I love that your hobby became a career. That's such a rare occurrence, so it makes me happy to hear that it worked out that way for you. I definitely adore my characters -- they are not a drudgery at all. But some days trying to get the story into the best shape possible, to demonstrate how fun these characters are -- THAT is when it feels like I'm creating a big mess that I won't be able to clean up! LOL

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