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October 31, 2012


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I can see how it's difficult to pass up NaNo when you've had such success! But I'm dying for these in-progress stories to be completed. :) I say work on them all at once...and I say that seriously because I have a feeling that actually works for you! Or if something must cross the finish line by a photo-finish, the order you have them listed seems a great prediction! LOL


Nano is tiny, like 10^-9, requiring an electron microscope to see it.
No Donna, your writing demands a much larger stage than that!

Lord Wastrel is the one I'm most looking forward to. Though if 'Lord Rakehell's Love' is first in the series then I want to see that one first. LOL

Though on second thoughts, Miss Crazy sounds scrumptious ... and you do comedy so well. Also 'Bad Sex Karma.

Humph. I don't think I'm being much help!

Best to follow your instincts Donna ..... We all wanna read them all! *smile*

Kate Warren

I'm doing NaNo in spite of the tremendous odds against me. You can certainly drop in anytime and we'll be glad to see you. The adoptables can be great fun. The villain catchphrases are usually good for a laugh, or a shudder.

Donna Cummings

Melissa, you're too funny -- work on them all at once! I think I did list them in the order I'm planning to do them. LOL Even though I didn't realize it at the time. I'm excited to get back to work on them, knowing you're looking forward to reading them!

Donna Cummings

Q, I love how you blend science in -- it makes me feel good that I need a big stage for my writing!

"Lord Rakehell's Love" started out as a standalone short story, but then I realized it would be perfect to start out the whole series with this little tale. It gives me a chance to introduce the "stars" of "Lord Wastrel", Felicia and Hugh, so that makes it fun too.

And I have a real tender spot for the characters in "Driving Miss Crazy" -- I really want to get back to them.

I just need to get to work, don't I? LOL

Donna Cummings

Kate, I'll cheer you on during NaNo. I think it's worthwhile, even if it's hard to get the daily wordcount in. It's a fun sense of community, too, which is another part I really enjoy. So don't be surprised if I drop in and see how you're doing!

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