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December 26, 2012


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Heather Boyd

All good advice, especially about making time to play. I don't do that enough.

I'm currently on holidays from writing and planning out what I want to achieve for 2013. There are so many ways to set goals that are hopefully realistic: a chunk of words per year, completed projects, bum on chair hours. I was going to set a word goal (based on speed and days -- even allowed for migraine days) but after reading a blog post last night I might make it a project based year. So, in terms of writing, I could have a dozen projects (of varying lengths) to complete this year. Acheivable? Yes. Easy? Not really. But fun to try.

Mae Clair

I like your approaches, especially #3. That one always works for me when I want to jump start the muse. Another I would add is reading. As writers it's often hard to make time to kick back and enjoy a book but there's nothing that gets me geared up and anxious to get back to world-building than reading a great story. It's like wanting your turnn in the sandbox, LOL.

I'm actually fired up with plans for 2013 and what I want to accomplish. I spent so much of this year learning the ropes that I'm hoping 2013 will give me more time for writing and productivity.

As always, great post, Donna. You rock! :)

Donna Cummings

Heather, I always advocate playing, but I end up feeling guilty about doing it. LOL I like your idea about focusing on projects, rather than word count. I was trying to decide which direction to go, and this may be it. I've got several things I'd like to finish up and get out the door. This makes a lot of sense -- thanks for giving me this idea!

Donna Cummings

Thanks, Mae -- I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I completely agree about reading -- I don't devote enough time to it, and I get all twitchy and cranky and then end up reading several stories in a row. LOL It does inspire, just as you said. I have a tendency to feel guilty about reading, when it's such a vital part of the writing process. Thanks for reminding me. And I'm eager to see what you produce in 2013. I know it'll be exciting. :)


Great Advice Donna!

If I may slightly rephrase your thoughts:

Waking the creativity is a problem faced by scientists as well as authors. It often feels like blundering around in a dense fog until that wonderful beam of sunlight penetrates the gloom.

1) Don't follow the usual advice for those lost in a wood. Sitting down and waiting to be rescued doesn't work. You must keep looking for the light, even if you repeatedly go round in circles.

2) Keep active with anything that comes to mind. Even fall asleep if you are a dreamer. Dreams can be inspirational.

3) My favourite after dinner holiday activity is to rest in an arm chair with one of my own papers to read. It is the supreme form of indulgence. Not very productive but Highly Recommended! LOL

4) I actually never stop playing. My grand daughter called me a 'real cool grandpa' after the Christmas party ..... and she gave me a novelty bow-tie to improve my image. I'm going to wear it when I next collect her from school! LOL

*Raises the last of the Xmas scotch.*
Here's to you Donna
Wishing you a wonderfully productive New Year

Heather Boyd

Donna, my projects should add up to the wordcount goal anyway but I think its a better visual incentive to look at a project list and mark off each as its done. My best year in publishing (2011) was done this way and I only had a scrap of paper pinned to the wall beside my computer. LOL Simple is often the best and most reliable means.

Donna Cummings

Q, thanks for bringing along the last of the Xmas scotch. :) Cheers to you! And I love your advice. I'm sure you're a cool grandpa -- after all, you tell great stories, right? I love the thought of the novelty bow tie too. :)

Here's to a wonderful New Year for you too! Thanks for being part of my writing journey so far. :)

Donna Cummings

Heather, I completely agree about the visual incentive. I think it will work well for me this year since I have several nearly-finished projects, and I hate the thought of them languishing when they could be out the door! And if I just focus on word count, they may languish forever. LOL

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