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January 20, 2013


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Jessica Subject

A definite all-star! Great six! :-)

Mae Clair

First, congrats on all the great stuff you've had going on (weird about the Amanda Cummings thing...hope they straighten it out for you). Fun review on Fresh Fiction. Between that, the excerpt and this wonderfull six, I'll definitely be snatching this one up. Woot!

Kate Warren

And he's a mind reader too! Nice six. :o)

Lorraine Paton

Love the kiss! Fun dialogue!
Congrats about the review and being up on on Samhain! (Even if it is still listed as Amanda).

karen Y. bynum

Love their banter!!! Great 6!! :D

Sandra Sookoo

lol sexy and confident. Nice! :-)


yep he's a pro!

Eleri Stone

Every bit I read from this makes me smile. They're such a fun, sweet couple.

Jennifer James

Love it! Books with sports figures are always fun. And since I'm a baseball fan, this gets extra points. :D

Teresa Cypher

Nice--you paint a scene so perfectly. The dialogue is wonderful. So natural, it just flows.

“An all-star,” haha...priceless!

Great six, Donna!

S. J. Maylee

Sweet and sexy, what a fun 6 and the dialogue has got me grinning. Beautifully done, Donna.

Clare Davidson

Love the kiss and the dialogue at the end. A very sweet exchange between the two. Great 6.

Elin Gregory

I love the gentle humour in this.

Heather Boyd

Funny and sexy all at once. Thanks! My Monday morning just got better. :)

Kimberly K. Comeau

Your work is fun (I read Summer Lovin' and enjoyed it), and this snippet doesn't disappoint. Keep up the good work!

Karla Doyle

Oh no about the name screw-up! I'm sure it'll get changed asap.
Love the snippet. I truly can't wait to read this one. Maybe I should go enter that contest... :)

Virginia Kelly

As always, lovely and funny.

But why Amanda?

Lilly VanHorn

Their chemistry is so electric, nice job!

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