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January 23, 2013


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Mae Clair

I'm the exact same way with my characters, Donna. I might know a bit about what makes them tic, but I don't know the toc, LOL. They develop as I go, often surprising me with how they turn out.

I remember one WIP where I had a secondary character slated for a bad guy role but, part way through, he made me realize he wasn't so bad. I grew attached to him and, if I continue with the series, he'll definitely be getting his own novel. I love when characters surprise me (although I do a lot of grumbling too because that usually involves a bit of rewriting).

BTW, Endgame sounds like it was a good show. I hate when you get attached to something and it gets cancelled after one season!


I like to hear authors talking about their characters. It is clearly an evolutionary process, much speeded up compared to biological evolution. The characters evolve under their own steam, adapting to or avoiding the helpful interjections from the author. The latter is the creator (or Goddess) for the whole mini-universe.

I'm sure some characters fall by the wayside and only the fittest survive. Though I suspect that the Goddess sometimes has a sneaking liking for certain flawed characters, who might not survive in the wild. The flaws can make a hero more interesting and loveable and a heroine worth her salt can exploit the flaws, using them as a channel for love to blossom.

Donna, as the Goddess in this scheme, do you have a sense of power, always influencing events when possible, or like the creator of the physical universe, do you see yourself as sparking the process into life, setting the rules for your creation, and then allowing it to evolve freely.

I would love to know! *smile*

Donna Cummings

Mae, yes -- I love the tic and the toc description. I think it's pretty much like getting to know "real" people -- you see something in them you find intriguing enough to continue discovering more, and then things go from there. You're right about it requiring rewriting though. LOL

Endgame was an intriguing show. I think it's still listed on Hulu. I enjoyed several of the secondary characters too. It seems like I always pick the shows that don't get to last. *sob*

Donna Cummings

Q, it's fun to think I'm the Goddess of these characters' mini-universe. Although I'm not sure they worship me the way they should. LOL I definitely believe they have a VERY strong free will, which is why I end up chasing them, yelling, "But I'm your creator!" LOL That's what makes the writing fun though, so I can't complain. Too much. :)

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