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February 27, 2013


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Kate Warren

I look at the back cover copy and read some of it. If nothing grabs me in the first chapter, I usually pass. There have been a few exceptions. Some stories take a while to set up and I respect that, but if it doesn't fit my taste for writing or plot early on, it probably won't halfway through the book either.

Sue G.

Usually the cover will first draw me in. Then I read the back. If it sounds enjoyable I try it.

If another author I like suggests it, I usually give it a try.

Lastly, if I read a few good reviews on the same book, I add it to my list to read.

Donna Cummings

Kate, I read the cover copy too -- and if that intrigues me, I'll check out the first few pages. I think there have only been a few books that didn't work for me using this method!

Donna Cummings

Sue, I have definitely added books to the TBR list when an author I like raves about a book or author. And I've added a LOT based on other readers' recommendations on Goodreads (probably more than I'll ever finish -- LOL)

I also found a lot of new-to-me authors from reading their Six Sentence Sunday snippets. Which I miss. *sniff*

Mae Clair

I'm drawn first by the cover, after that I check out the blurb. I may scan a review or two, but I tend not to be swayed by those too much. I rarely ever read the opening. The book cover and blurb are generally enough for me to decide whether or not I'm interested. And, of course, I do have a number of authors on my auto-buy list that have me impatiently waiting their new releases. Clockwork Princess, anyone? :)

Excellent post?


I mainly follow recommendations from people that I respect. Sometimes a title will catch my eye and make me investigate further, but covers don't really interest me for the e-books that I buy.

Recently I have started checking the free books listed on kindle forums. I filter to see the best rated books and often download to try.

I think it may be worthwhile to offer a book free for a short period, just to get on these kindle lists, especially if the book has some high rating reviews.

Donna Cummings

Mae, that's interesting that you don't read the opening. I'm trying to remember if I've ever bought a book without doing that. LOL I'm sure I have, but I can't think of one at the moment.

I do know what you mean about auto-buys, but I don't know Clockwork Princess. Guess I better find out more!

Donna Cummings

Q, yes, I follow others' recommendations, especially those who like the same kind of books I enjoy. I think it's harder to snag attention with ebook covers, since most of them are shown in a thumbnail version while shopping online.

I definitely enjoy free books. I've found several new-to-me authors that way, and now they're on my auto-buy list. I think my free novella has helped readers find ME too, so it's been a worthwhile thing to do!

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