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March 23, 2013


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Gemma Parkes

Hi Donna, great to see you over on wewrwa! I enjoyed the realism and the humour in this weeks snippet! Got to love that clicking pen grr!

S. J. Maylee

A murder charge, that Shelby cracks me up. I remember a later conversation concerning that pen too, too much, Donna. I loved this book

Karla Doyle

Cute snippet--as always. Love your voice, Donna. So glad you're here on the WeWriWa list. :)

karen Y. bynum

lol Ahhh 'the cute stuff' becoming murder stuff! Loved it! Great 8, Donna! Glad to see you on WeWriWa! :D

Donna Cummings

Gemma -- thanks for the welcome! I missed the Sunday camaraderie, so I'm glad to be doing this. :)

S.J. -- aww, I'm happy to hear you loved the book!

Karla -- thanks so much! I'm glad I'm here too. Sundays just weren't the same without you guys!

Karen -- it's a fine line, isn't it? LOL Great to see you too. :)

A.S. Fenichel

This is adorable. I love her.

Eleri Stone

That last line made me lol:)

Joanne Stewart

Cute snippet. Sounds like a fun read. I love that last line.

Donna Cummings

Thanks, A.S.!

Eleri -- I'm always glad to make someone LOL. :)

Joanne -- thanks so much!

Veronica Scott

Very enjoyable excerpt, definitely makes me want to read the book! Love the detail about the pen clicking...

Jenna Jaxon

You certainly get the gist of her character in these 8! Wonderfully written. Love the detail about the clicking pen. :)

India Masters

Oh lord, you so got that right: Ya gotta get out before the cute stuff becomes the motive for a murder charge. Hilarious! I know the story's not meant to be funny but it's just so relatable to a commitment phobe like me. Thanks for sharing!

Donna Cummings

Veronica, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Jenna -- thank you -- I had a lot of fun with Shelby and Ryan.

India -- it's a romantic comedy, so it's actually meant to be funny, but it can be a bit confusing when it's just a small snippet like this. :)

Summer Ross

LOL_ Love that 'cute stuff becomes murder charge' LOL great line.
My 8

Vonnie Davis

Enjoyed your snippet very much. This is my first week doing this, too. I'm enjoying reading everyone's offering. Good luck to you, darlin'.


Lovely! Murder charge... lol. Great set up to te joke there.


At least she realises the cute stuff becomes motive for murder. smart woman

Isabella Leigh

LOL I love that last line. Very cute

Kate Warren

Shelby is hilarious! I loved this book so much.

Welcome to WeWriWa, Donna. I'm so glad you've joined. Great excerpt, as always.

Cynthia Hudson

Wonderful 8, Donna! I can hear the laughter in your typing as you wrote this!

Also my first week here!

Carrie Crain

I need to get this book! Amazing voice and overall just a fun romantic snippet.

ED Martin

Seems like the more someone points out their lack of desire for commitment, the harder they fall. :) Great snippet!

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