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May 29, 2013


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Heather Boyd

I really do get afraid for you sanity some days after reading your posts. Work-around-the-clock you, or your muse if you subscribe to such an entities existance, may need to invest in thigh high boots, killer corsetry, and a whip and chair to keep Lazy You from taking over completely.

Please hurry up and finish your books. :) We're waiting!

Donna Cummings

Heather, I'm glad you only fear for my sanity on SOME days. LOL My muse Endora AND the work-around-the-clock me love the outfit you've picked out for us. :) That right there ought to motivate us to get back to work!

Mae Clair

I'm glad you got to enjoy your breakfast, and that you have further plans to beat Lazy You into submission. I'm looking forward to meeting the "lords" :)

I have to admit I gave into Lazy Me over the weekend. There was a day I could have spent writing but Lazy Me and burnout won, so I went shopping instead. It was a fun treat and a nice break but, of course, guilt reared its ugly head when I was done. Now I'm scrambling to play catch up. ARRGH!

If only Balance would make an appearance and sort the rest out!

Donna Cummings

Mae, I would LOVE it if Balance would come in here and get all of us organized! LOL I do think Lazy Me needs to be indulged, and in just the way you did it this weekend -- because it helps to inspire the Worker Bee Me if there's a treat/reward for all the hard work. I know what you mean about the guilt butting in though. Aaaugh!


We're made up of 4/5 lazy? So THAT explains it! LOL That makes me feel better so I won't fight it anymore. It's a good thing the remaining 1/5 is so ambitious and occasionally very productive! I think maybe the 1/5 is the part that recognizes deadlines and is ready to go but the 4/5 part is always up for some sabotage. LOL

Donna Cummings

LOL, Melissa -- my math might be a little off. Maybe we're 3/5ths lazy, not 4/5ths. :) And yes, the 1/5th part has to work 5 times as hard, since it's responsible and productive and all those things it needs to be to get everything done. LOL


I have a taste for Marks and Spencer's egg sandwiches. Sliced hard boiled egg in a mayonnaise sauce with a cress dressing set between thick slices of harvest loaf. I believe that egg is a 'brain food' nourishing that 1/5th that still fires .... probably explains the craving! LOL

I always tell myself that it's my subconscious that is generating ideas and it never rests. So its a good idea to take lots of breaks with lots of daydreaming to help the jolly old subconscious come up with the goods.

I'm gonna stop reading Freud .... this is much better!

Lord Wastrel keeps slipping into my daydreams now .... that tells me he is coming soon. *smile*

Donna Cummings

Q, you might be right about eggs being "brain food", because I've been eating a lot of them lately and my brain has been firing up with all kinds of ideas! My subconscious never rests either, so I've decided I should give it some assignments before I fall asleep at night. LOL And it seems to be just fine with that, based on its latest output. :)

Your sandwich sounds yummy, although I'm not sure what "cress dressing" is -- maybe watercress? I must do some research!

I've been feverishly working on Lord Rakehell's Love, and once it's done, I will finish up Lord Wastrel -- hopefully they'll live up to your daydreams!

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