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May 15, 2013


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Mae Clair

That soap container has no clue how good it has it, LOL!

I have to say I'm not as much of a pack rat as I used to be. Lately I've been decluttering my home, pitching and tossing things I probably won't use any more. When it comes to writing however, that's different.

I'm like you, hanging on to stray thoughts and ideas. I've even started a catalog of them in an app on my mini iPad (which is very portable). Now when I get an idea, I open the app and dump it in its category...and if it doesn't have one, I create a category for it. Scary, because my brain is constantly working and now it knows I don't have to keep cramming things in there for safekeeping!

Hey, BTW, I got a chuckle at the thought of your characters tweeting! :)


I'm currently trying out the Silva mind control thing and am having some trouble with visualization. Can you shut your eyes and conjure vivid images of your characters at will?

If you can, then according to theory, after meditating to a deep theta state, you should be able to visualize them (mis)behaving or whatever and they will. So if you write yourself into a hole which is difficult to escape from, you simple visualize a HEA and the characters will sort it out without your help, allowing you to start a new project ... or recycle!

This could be the cool way to the future for writers? LOL


I only wish my imagination were at my beck and call. No, my imagination pouts too much when I postpone looking at its ideas. Then when I get around to saying "okay, let me see" it gives me something that looks like the last choppy page that printed before the toner ran out and tells be to fill in the blanks!

Donna Cummings

Mae, the soap container isn't the only thing here that has earned a reprieve. (Aaaugh! LOL) I've moved enough times the past few years that I've gotten rid of stuff -- or at least I *think* I have, but new stuff keeps getting added. Luckily I don't add physical books to the collection anymore, thanks to the Nook. I've got plenty of keepers, though!

I probably need a mini iPad to keep track of book ideas. Right now I write things down on sticky notes and scraps of paper, which adds even MORE to the clutter. LOL

My characters are glad you want them to tweet. *glares at Mae* Don't give them any more encouragement. LOL

Donna Cummings

Q, you scared me with the mention of the "mind control" thing. I hope you'll warn us before you try it out on any of us. LOL

My characters are ALWAYS in my mind, whether I shut my eyes or not. The tricky part is I have a couple of stories I'm working on at once, so it can get kind of crowded up there. LOL And they're all jockeying for position, like they're waiting for a restaurant reservation, and they're afraid I'll call somebody's name before theirs. LOL

They do seem to work things out, though, which is nice -- I just have to remember they have that ability, so I won't fret so much!

Donna Cummings

LOL, Melissa -- you just described my memory! Yes, that faded page when the toner's running out, and you can almost see it. . .

There are times I wish my imagination, not my memory, would act like that. Like when I'm trying to throw away stuff. LOL "Why do I need this again? I can't even imagine a use for this." :)

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