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July 03, 2013


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Donna I'm really impressed with this amazing dedication to acquiring accurate data for the book .... and well advised.

I remember an Italian friend from college days who would often berate Ian Fleming for his lack of detailed knowledge of guns in the James Bond books. I have no idea if he was correct but would guess that Q might have invented some novel features for the Bond weapons! Anyway, better to be accurate than criticised.

For future investigation I would advise combining business and pleasure. Given your love of flip flops I would suggest under water activities in balmy seas .... Hawaii or the Great Coral Reef perhaps?

Hope the book is selling well.
I bought my copy a while back .... and enjoyed it immensely! *smile*

Donna Cummings

Thanks, Quantum! I'm not sure I was 100% accurate in my book, but I feel like it was still a higher percentage than if I hadn't gone to this course. LOL If only I could go back in time to do hands-on Regency-era research!

I love your idea of Hawaii or the Great Coral Reef -- you know how I love the tropical locales. :) I've been to Hawaii, but it was in my pre-writing days and I know things have changed, so a research field trip is definitely called for!

Thanks for the kind words about my book. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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