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July 07, 2013


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Susan Schiller

He sounds incredible... and being that I'm new to your story, I wonder how her dress got bloody. Great job bringing me right into the scene!

Veronica Scott

"He was dessert all right" - loved that line! Really an interesting premise, I'm feeling sorry for the bride who had the heroine in her wedding party LOL. Great snippet!

Donna Cummings

Thanks! I'm glad you both enjoyed the snippet.

Susan, I should have included the blurb, so things made more sense! Basically there was gunfire at the wedding Shelby was in, and her best friend, the bride, got a minor wound. Shelby's dress got bloodied when she got her friend out of harm's way. :)

Veronica -- LOL -- Shelby has actually been this bride's bridesmaid for three previous weddings. LOL


I hope she mis-interpreted his intentions. Have missed your humour

Karysa Faire

Bwahahaha! Gumby in the microwave. Great description!

S. J. Maylee

Gross Gumby alert, lol. I'm just in love with your descriptions. Great stuff and I loved this book.

Karla Doyle

Very cute. I love your voice, Donna. :)

Gemma Parkes

Fun snippet, love your expressions!

Teresa Cypher

The "gumby doll" is a perfect description!

I don't really think it's a brotherly type thing going on... :-)

Good !

Donna Cummings

Sassy, I hope to have more of my humor here the next few weeks. :) And his intentions are good. Excellent in fact. LOL

Karysa, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

S.J., hey, what's so gross about a microed Gumby? LOL I'm glad you loved the book. :)

Karla, thanks!

Gemma, I'm glad you enjoyed the snippet. :)

Donna Cummings

Teresa -- LOL -- yeah, it's not a brotherly thing. :)

Linda Hamonou

She is falling for Ryan... he doesn't seem totally indifferent to her...

I want to see what will happen next.

Donna Cummings

Linda, thanks for stopping by. Shelby's falling for Ryan (literally!), and his interest is definitely developing. :)

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