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August 02, 2013


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carrie spencer

Morning everyone!

Sorry I'm a little late getting here...the cat was sitting in front of the monitor. Darling little ball of fur. =)

Donna, thanks so much for having me on today - um....where's the brownies? You did say there were going to be brownies right? Donna?


Have a great Friday everyone!


Donna Cummings

Carrie, thanks for being here! And I thought YOU were in charge of the brownies this time. *frowns* I'm pretty sure I put your name on that part of the To Do list. Oh, I know -- that ball of fur must have taken off with them. Yeah, that's totally what happened. . .

N.M. Silber

Being a smartass romance novelist myself, I LOVED working with Carrie! She made not one, but two, terrific covers for my book, The Law of Attraction. (See awesome cover above. I get compliments all the time on it.) I would recommend her as an artist and cover designer to anyone, and I DO recommend her every chance I get! Honest to God, I would say that even if she couldn't lift 50 lb. bicep curls. And it's not just because she mixes great drinks either. ;)

Donna Cummings

N.M., I adore smartass romances! Let me run over to Goodreads and add it to my TBR list. . .Oh, this sounds good! I'm a former attorney too, so I can't wait to read this. :)

Carrie has designed 3 covers for me, and I've warned, er, asked her about doing a 4th. I love working with her. Now if we could only get the brownie responsibilities sorted out. . .

Lorraine Paton

Cats can be so troublesome, but we still love them. ;)

Love your excerpt! I really think she should agree... it is for charity after all.

Mae Clair

Another fun interview! And hey, anyone who has six cats gets a rousing round of applause from me (I just had images of all six crowding in front of the monitor and padding across the keyboard, LOL).

I agree with Lorraine about the excerpt. your heroine needs to kiss the rebel! :)

Donna Cummings

Lorraine, I agree about the kiss -- she should help out the charity. LOL

Mae, I hadn't thought about all six cats "helping" with the writing. Eeek. Now THAT is a great excuse. LOL

carrie spencer

N.M....aw....*blush* kind of you to say so.....but do keep in mind the next time you have a cover reveal, I'm bringing the Mai Tai's. =)

carrie spencer

Donna...the cats DO seem to have that blissful look on their faces that I get when I have chocolate...hmmmm....

carrie spencer

Lorraine...cats are especially troublesome at 5am! But yes, we do love them....

And the hero is such a charmer, I'm betting she gives in on the kiss.....=)

carrie spencer

Mae - six cats and all of them rescues! And I rarely get more than two in front of the monitor, otherwise we have fur flying! My 22lb'er does like to sleep on my mouse tho....weird. =)

Caryn Caldwell

What a fun interview! I love how her newest character sounds; just the kind of woman I like to read about in stories.

Donna Cummings

Caryn, I agree -- I love that character and want to read MORE. Like immediately!

Donna Cummings

Carrie, thanks again for being here. Talk about fun! Although I'm a little nervous when you mention "blissful cats" -- that means they're up to something. #ohyesitdoes

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