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August 23, 2013


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My last visit to Scotland was to a physics conf. at the university of St Andrews, combined with watching some golf. I didn't see any golfers wearing kilts! Though there was speculation over how much would be revealed with a good follow through swing!

Karla, I like a good bonk-buster when in the mood, especially if laced with lots of humour.
Which of your books would you recommend for starters ... remembering that I hate haggis!

Karla Doyle

Donna! Thank you so much for having me over for Friday Friends! Refills of coffee all day, on me. ;)

We really have to meet up in person one day!

Karla Doyle

Hi, Quantum, thank you for stopping by!
(I think Donna's blog ate my first reply, so I'm posting it again. Sorry if both of them show up!)

My books aren't linked, so there's no set reading order to what I have out so far.

My most popular book is MORE THAN WORDS. Tattooed musician hero and a shy shopkeeper meet online, playing Scrabble... Dirty Scrabble.

I'd say the hottest book is BODY OF WORK. The hero and heroine already know each other, so it gets to the hot stuff pretty quickly. And yes, there's haggis, lol, but that scene is humorous and a bit naughty, so I think you might enjoy it. :)


Donna Cummings

Karla, thanks for being here! And my apologies -- my blog has been hit with tons of spam the past couple of days, and now it doesn't know how to handle regular comments, so you ended up in the spam folder. Eeek! *pulls Karla out of the depths of spam* Here's some coffee to make up for it. LOL

Donna Cummings

Quantum -- I laughed out loud at the thought of the golf follow-thru swing revealing more than intended!

I've been to Scotland once, and managed to avoid haggis. Yikes! The accents were wonderful. Although there was an ancient taxi driver, who had NO teeth and a very strong accent -- I'm still not sure what we chatted about the whole time. Heck, I may have agreed to marry him or something. LOL

S. J. Maylee

Yum! I love Karla's writing. It's a fabulous distraction to my day. Fun post, thanks. :)

Karla Doyle

Thanks, Sidney! *big hugs*

Karla Doyle

Yay, more coffee! Thanks for pulling me out of the spam folder. LOL

Donna Cummings

Karla, I apologize for the spam stuff -- I'll keep pulling you outta there! (We may need to switch to coffee liqueur after all this. LOL)

Donna Cummings

S.J. -- I'm glad you're having a fantastic RELEASE DAY today. :) I can't wait to have you here next week!

S. J. Maylee

Thanks, Donna. I can't wait either. I'm loving these Friday posts. Spam and all, lol. :)

Donna Cummings

S.J., the spam has been wild today. Let's hope it calms down before next Friday. :)

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