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December 06, 2013


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Kate Warren

Great post, Donna and Angela!

For anyone who hasn't read "Beer And Groping in Las Vegas" get it! It's great!

Angela Quarles

Aw, thanks guys! I've been needing some motivation lately (to pull me from the shiny thing) and this post helped :)

Donna Cummings

Thanks, Kate! I'm glad you enjoyed the post -- and yes, that was a very fun read. :)

Angela, that's awesome that the post helped with the motivation! Which reminds me, how come "getting motivated" isn't a new shiny thing for us? LOL It totally should be, right?

Mae Clair

Angela, I like your shiny new thing. I'm like that too, where I get obsessed with something and have to learn everything I can about it. My newest/latest is a gluten free diet so I'm right there with you on the healthy eating/living. (I have no problem giving up cookies and cake, but bypassing bread is the pits!)

I still find your cover for Beer and Groping in Las Vegas utterly adorable. So cute!

Angela Quarles

Donna, I know, right? I wish it could be.

Mae Clair-- So cool you're like that too (though sometimes it can really get in the way/consume our life). I'm gluten free too, as I'm doing Primal (a form of Paleo) and therefore no grains at all. I'm loving it...

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