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January 29, 2014


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G'damn, I can't remember if I signed up and with which email address.
And I like chatty. It'll make it different from all other newsletters we sign up for. Sigh.

So... when am I getting Wastrel?

Donna Cummings

Eleanor, no worries! You are signed up. And I'm glad you like chatty. Hopefully we aren't the only ones. LOL

You will be getting Wastrel soon-ish. When he's all finished, and shiny and pretty, and. . .hopefully more soon-ish than later-ish. :)

Lorraine Paton

I agree... there are a lot of opinions about newsletters, and I'm still trying to find a balance with my own. I say: Do what you like! I'm looking forward to yours!

Mae Clair

I'm personally a fan of the chatty type with some relevant news thrown in. Call me blend girl, LOL.
I'm looking forward to your first one! :)

Donna Cummings

Lorraine, I've got to sign up for yours! I definitely agree about doing what you like -- that's really the best part about being a grownup, as far as I'm concerned. LOL

Mae, yay for another blend girl. LOL Hope you enjoy the newsletter -- it feels kind of like my blogs, in an email form. :)


I'm now subscribed with 2 e-mail addresses. Would like to remove one (quantumphase.....) if possible, perhaps the newsletter will give me this option.

In the newsletter I would like to see info on release dates etc (of course) with any tidbits about background to the stories, what inspired the ideas etc. Like did you really attend a wedding when a gun went off! LOL

Just be yourself Donna ....and it will be wonderful :)

Donna Cummings

Q, I think I can remove an address. I'll find out! Thanks for giving me a chance to learn something new. :)

I haven't attended a wedding like that -- yet! LOL But things I see or do have a way of finding their way into stories. So that's a good idea about giving background info. Of course, it'll be tempting to embellish it!

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