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February 14, 2014


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LOL! What a great start to my day...Cupid is all a-quiver...that is a good one Donna. I mean Aphrodite. :)

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Aphrodite gives you her thanks. Or she would, but she's gone ahead to the spa. LOL

Kate Warren

I love her pun! Her manner reminds me just a bit of Anne Boleyn when I interviewed her.

Now you have me curious about Chapter 19.

Donna Cummings

Thanks, Kate! And you have me curious about your Anne Boleyn interview -- that sounds fun!


I've been pondering how to address a Greek Goddess of love and settled on
"Greetings your immortal loveliness".

As a mere mortal, subject to doubts and uncertainties, I wonder dear Goddess if you could enlighten me on certain questions that trouble me in my dreams:

1) Will love feature in the final 'Theory of Everything'. That fusion of classical and quantum theories strived for by scientists, that will completely describe the physical universe?

2) Love is not evident in the atoms that make up our existence.So will it enter the theory as an 'emergent phenomenon', arising from the interaction of atoms?

3) When the equations determining love are finally discovered, will they be governed by causality so that given a desired result, the required causal force will be evident?

5) Having discovered the equations of love, will the world of morals become happy?

I thank you for any guidance in these matters and trust that you had a happy and productive Valentine's Day!

Farewell your immortal loveliness .... please remember me to Cupid and the Creator of Love.

PS If you could write down the equations of love, I would be eternally grateful! ;)

Donna Cummings

Aphrodite: Oh my, I do think you chose wisely with that form of address. :) It is my new favorite.
Donna: Don't expect me to use it. When I'm writing your story, I refer to you as "A".
Aphrodite: *frowns* I shall ignore you a while longer and give my attentions to this charming gentleman instead. And as to your questions about love, and science, I can unequivocally answer yes!
Donna: Which question?
Aphrodite: All of them.
Donna: *snickers* Nice save. You don't have a clue, do you?
Aphrodite: *sniffs* Mathematics is not my specialty, so I am unable to write down these love equations which cause Lord Q sleepless nights. Perhaps one day. . .
Donna: I'm going to use your chaise longue for a nap. Keep talking, if you'd like. *yawn*

mae clair

Oh, my, I don't know how I missed your latest interview! On the off chance of giving the lovely goddess a swelled head, I ADORED her mayhem, er, magic, in LORD RAKEHELL'S LOVE and can't wait to see what she has in store for the lowly mortals in LORD WASTREL. I hope Ares makes another appearance too :)

Donna Cummings

LOL, Mae -- I think Aphrodite's head will ALWAYS be a certain size, no matter what we say. I'm glad you enjoyed her mayhem/magic. She and Ares are both eager for me to finish their story (that's how they always see these books -- as THEIR story -- LOL) I'm hoping it will be done soon, although I might need divine intervention. LOL

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