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March 20, 2014


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Mae Clair

Hi,Donna. I've got agree with you on all things Thor and Loki. I meant to see it at the theater too but missed out and bought the blue-ray instead.

As much as I love Chris Hemsworth, I've got say I'm a goner on Loki. Loved Tom Hiddleston in the first movie (even though he was evil), loved him even more in this one. It definitely needed more Loki. Lots and lots of Loki! A plethora of Lokis, LOL. Okay, have I made my point?

And if you ever find those Loki flowers, let me know were I can get a bouquet. Otherwise I'll have to settle for daffodils, and it's just not the same.

Donna Cummings

Mae, daffodils are my favorite too! I can hardly wait until they start showing up here, which will still be a while. *sigh*

If only I could find that Loki bouquet for us, to keep us cheered up until the daffs are here. LOL I'll definitely let you know when I do! In the meantime, I'll just keep checking out TH pics (Loki and otherwise) on Pinterest. :)

Kayelle Allen

Thor was looking at something outside his window? Wait, what? I obviously need to play that again (and again and again). As to your point about Loki needing to be in more movies... absolutely! That seriously is #obviously true. Thanks for posting this. I knew there was a reason we were friends. LOL

Donna Cummings

Kayelle, Thor might have been watching us swooning over Loki. LOL I was cackling while writing this, thinking you'd enjoy it. And yes, this is just one of many reasons we're friends. :) #LokiLove

Donna Steele

La Daughter is all Loki and I'm all Thor, so major problems at home, but what the heck - they're both Luscious! And so is today - first day of spring and there's this big yellow orb in the sky!!

Donna Cummings

Another Donna! Welcome. :) Actually it sounds like a good thing not having to fight over the same guy. LOL I nearly forgot it was the first day of spring since there's still tons of snow piled up -- but yes, the yellow orb. I hope it melts all of this stuff!

Gypsy Raven

I love Tulips! They are so pretty!

Gypsy Raven

[email protected]

Linda Brashears

I have to say that my favorite flowers are buttercups that are delivered by Chris Hemsworth. This would be the best bouqet of flowers that my husband could EVER send me.

codys1mom4 at aol dot com

Donna Cummings

Gypsy, yes! And tulips come in so many beautiful colors. :)

Linda, I haven't seen buttercups in years. What a great reminder! I might have to push you aside for THAT bouquet. LOL

Elise-Maria Barton

Ok, I live under a rock 'cause I haven't seen Thor only read about him in historical novels and the name Chris Hemsworth is familiar but he doesn't *look* familiar... I don't watch t.v. if that helps my explanation.

My favorite flowers, spring or otherwise, are orchids; they are so exotic and have so many species I could never even collect them all.

I love blog hops because I get the opportunity to meet so many great authors and add lots of books to my TBR! Thanks for paticipating :)

ilookfamous at yahoo dot com


I love freesias, especially the yellow ones--they smell amazing! They're in bloom right now, and I'm thrilled.


Patricia Preston

I love azaleas and wisteria. Also adore Thor and Loki. They have such great chemistry on-screen. In the next movie, they should be together more.

Donna Cummings

Elise-Maria, I only know about Chris Hemsworth because of my "research" on Pinterest. LOL I had no idea why everyone was all gaga about Tom Hiddleston -- until I was doing "research" on Pinterest. I fell HARD. He's so charming, and witty, and that killer smile. *swoons*

Thanks for stopping by. I'm the same way with blog hops -- I add so many new books I'm excited to read. :)

Donna Cummings

Trix, oh, freesias are wonderful, aren't they? I wish there were some in bloom here. The only thing in bloom right now is SNOW. LOL

Jill P

I saw it in the theater TWICE!! My ten year old loves Thor too!! Thanks for the giveaway!!
jasdarts at hotmail dot com

Donna Cummings

LOL, Patricia -- I love Thor and Loki together too. I would love to see more of them in the next movie. That would be awesome. In fact, I'd have it on 24-hour repeat. LOL

I love wisteria too -- so elegant and graceful looking. And azalea colors are so intense. Yum.

Donna Cummings

Jill, I don't blame you for seeing it twice! I was planning on it, and then time somehow got away from me. But watching it on my laptop felt like I didn't have to share Thor and Loki with anyone. LOL Thanks for stopping by. :)

Dee Lancaster

I get to see all the super hero movies under the guise of being a good mom. Life is good. I like the tiny daffodils in the spring, if you mean flora flowers. But fauna flowers? Got to be the boys of summer, baseball season is back. ;-)

Stacey A Smith

I live in Califoria and we have this really nice Poppy that is lovely.I like the daisy to.
sasluvbooks at yahoo.com


bn100candg at hotmail dot com


Love daisies!
Thanks for sharing!

justjanhvi at gmail dot com

Donna Cummings

Dee, how awesome to have an excuse to see the superhero movies. LOL I love daffodils -- and those teeny tiny ones fascinate me. But yeah, I'm with you on the boys of summer. I love baseball like I love Loki. :)

Tista Ray

I love daisies, especially bright yellow ones.:) Love of nature can be such great inspirations to writers...Isn't it? At least it has been for ages, and I am no exception to it.

Donna Cummings

Stacey, I think poppies are so intriguing. Being in California you probably get to have flowers year-round. Which makes us snow-bound folks jealous. LOL

Janhvi, daisies are so cheerful! I love those too. :)

Donna Cummings

Tista, daisies are definitely a crowd favorite here! You're right about nature being an inspiration -- I love to stare out the window while writing, looking at the trees, watching the birds and squirrels doing their daily rounds. It keeps my brain going!


My favorite spring flowers would be wild violets, I love the scent.
I agree with you about Loki's voice, although I don't know which is sexier - the voice itself or that accent:)

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

Donna Cummings

Dovile, I don't know that I've actually smelled wild violets. I'm sure I would love them -- now I need to find some! And yes, it's tricky deciding which is sexier, the voice or the accent. Thank goodness he's combined them!

Aly P

Besides tulips I love Tom Hiddleston, Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan

amy bowens

My favorite is a daffodil! I just love them I wanted to use them as my bridal bouquet! Now I am getting excited to see them pop up again! Have a great day and so glad Spring is coming!
[email protected]

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