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May 17, 2014


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Eleri Stone

Ahhh...coffee. What a wonderful way to wake up.

Millie Burns

Coffee is a great way to wake up. Oh, and could you check your link back to Wewriwa? From my iPad, your link isn't working.

Donna Cummings

Yes, coffee is always a great waker-upper. LOL

Millie, I checked the link a few times and it came right here -- so maybe the iPad is being cranky?

Jenna Jaxon

I get such a great sense of who your heroine is from just these 8 sentences. Excellent character and voice!

Alexis Duran

Yes, a guy who makes me coffee is off to a good start. Very nicely written and it leaves me wondering about who the gigolo in the family is.

Millie Burns

Your link should link back to www.wewriwa.com...not here : )

Donna Cummings

Millie -- my apologies -- I just realized a minute ago what you meant! I don't know why Typepad does this sometimes. LOL Off to fix it!

Millie Burns

: ) Have a great Sunday!

Author Charmaine Gordon

Nifty eight with humor and sexy under and over tones. Good intro to your heroine and just the right end with a question leaving us wanting more. Nice to meet you, Donna.

Teresa Cypher

It made me chuckle. I like her internal monologue. She's interesting--following her train of thought. And that last line? Perfect! Now I'm left wondering just who the one gigolo in her family is...

Nicely done, Donna! Good to see you back :-)

Veronica Scott

Wonderful description and I'm not even a coffee drinker but I was left wanting a cup LOL. Excellent excerpt!

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