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June 18, 2014


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LOL! What a fun first meeting, Donna! I've been fortunate to not to have had any truly horrid bridesmaid dresses, although a couple are definitely no longer in style now! One's a pink frothy confection that I used later as a part of a "princess" get up, and another is a VERY teal brocade that I haven't worn since. No wedding hilarity that I can recall, but it has been YEARS since the last wedding ;)


My favorite story is one a friend told me about her reception when she had to help round up the escaped cows.

Donna Cummings

flchen1 -- I'm glad you enjoyed the first meeting. :) And that's awesome that the pink frothy dress got to be used for a princess costume -- it sounds perfect (and talk about recycling!) Thanks for stopping by!

ELF -- that's hilarious about the escaped cows! LOL

tammy ramey

My funniest wedding story that i can remember, well that I'm willing to share anyways "LOL!", is when my brother got married. he was cutting the middle layer of their cake and noticed the supports for the supports that were used to hold up the top layer. he pulled one out and says to his new bride:"Lisa look someone put sticks in our cake, why the hell are there sticks in our cake!". about that time we all noticed that the top layer of the cake was starting to lean to one side a lot! luck for my brother my mom knew what the support was and made him put it back just as the top layer would have fallen. i don't think i have ever laughed so hard. :)

Susan platt

My first bridesmaid dress had ruffles and was hot pink! Wore it and hid it in back of closet!

Susanmplatt at hotmail dot com

Donna Cummings

Tammy, that is hilarous! I can just see the thing toppling -- LOL That would have been a Kodak moment for sure. :)

Susan -- I think I might have had that dress too. LOL


Loved the excerpt! The ribbons on my bridesmaids bouquets were the wrong color and the florist had to change them at the last moment.

Donna Cummings

BookLady -- glad you liked it. :) Good thing the florist could change the ribbons at the last minute - so many things to keep track of on the big day!

Jeffrey Lee

That is very very funny I enjoyed reading the excerpt Funny,Intelligent and Romantic rolled all into one scene. :-)

Donna Cummings

Jeffrey, thank you so much! You just made my day. :)


Nice excerpt; no funny story to share


Thanks for the great excerpt. When I was very young I was a bridesmaid in a horrible yellow dress with a big bell skirt and a huge bow and we hade to wear lemon yellow hats. awful.. just awful.. saw a picture of it not long ago still wanted to laugh dementedly. thanks for asking.

Donna Cummings

lisagk -- it sounds lovely. :) I'm sure you looked like a beautiful daffodil. LOL It's always fun to see pictures from a long time ago, even when they make us go "Eeek!"

Janie McGaugh

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding many years ago, where the groom's elderly grandfather presided over the ceremony. At one point, he told the groom to repeat after him and rattled on and on. When he finally paused for the groom to repeat it back, the groom asked, "Could you break that up a little, sir?" Everyone broke out laughing.

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