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September 19, 2014


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It is hard to pick just one favorite fall memory but one of my most memorable is of me and my best friends going into the Forest ( Ottawa) to collect maple leaves and other things. It had rained the night before and I slipped and fell face first into the mud. I was embarrassed and furious because I destroyed my new boots. But my boyfriend ( now husband) made it all better by taking us to the mall, treating us to everything Pumpkin spiced (my fave) and buying me not one but two pairs of boots. I just love shoes and pumpkin spice. Great day after all.


Donna Cummings

That's a great memory! And you're right, it did turn out to be a great day, even after the slippery start. :) I'm a big fan of boots and pumpkin spice too.

Laurel Lasky

I use to live in the suburbs of NY and in the fall we would drive into the country and stop at a pumpkin stand and have a glass of apple cider.



Favorite memory, going on a hayride and then sitting around the firepit, enjoying the cool temps and great company. Miss living in the country.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Donna Cummings

Laurel, the apple cider is SO good this time of year!

JeanMP, I think firepits are the best invention. It makes the cooler temps so much better. :)

Kathy Heare Watts

Wow, my favorite tree in the fall is the Red leaf maple! And Apples and Pumpkins! We are kindred souls! Love the concept on your books and signed up for your news letter. I live at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, and so I am blessed with so much beautiful colors too. I love going to Cades Cove and walking the trails, taking in the colors, hoping to see bears, deer and turkeys and just the smells and changing taking place.

Courtney Whisenant

My favorite fall memory is meeting my husband's friends for the first time. We met at one of his friend's houses and everyone brought a 4 wheeler. We went on a big group 4 wheeler ride on a mountain and had a picnic on the top :)
courtlawrence11 at gmail dot com

laurie g

for me it was visiting a friend up in menonnite country and going for a lovely breakfast the morning after i arrived then going pumpkin/baked good shopping at the local mennonite store


kelly mcgrew

my favorite is when i lived in an apt complex in college and my boyfriend and i decorated our door and breezeway with halloween decorations for a contest! we didn't win; but it was really fun to do that together!


My favorite fall activity and memories come from taking my kids to the pumpkin farm. It is awesome to look back at the pictures year after year and see how they have grown :) jordanlillyannarose@gmail.com

Tracey Alvarez

My favorite Fall memory is a trip to the US where our family went on our first corn maze - we got lost, but it was lots of fun!

jennifer mathis

im think since hubby is sure winter this year is going to be a bad one and has had me stocking up on alot of thing winter may not come at all since im ready lol


I liked going to a rock concert in London one Halloween, where the people in front kept throwing candy at the band...


Patricia Preston

My son was born in October. He was a fall baby. Also, fall has always been my favorite season and I love fall colors.


picking pumpkins

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Donna Cummings

Kathy, aren't the red maple leaves the best? I've heard the Smoky Mountains are beautiful--I need to add them to the travel list. And thanks for signing up for the newsletter!

Courtney, that sounds like a great fall day!

Laurie, I'm SO hungry now. Yum!

Kelly, that must have been fun decorating, and seeing everyone else getting into the spirit. :)

Donna Cummings

Lilly, what a great idea, taking the pumpkin pics every year -- you can see the kids getting bigger than the pumpkins. :)

Tracey, I've never done a corn maze. My sense of direction isn't the greatest, so I may never try it. LOL

Jennifer, I *hope* your preparedness has made winter think twice. I'm dreading this one so much. *shudders*

Donna Cummings

Trix, oooh, that sounds fun. Although I would have kept the candy for myself. LOL

Patricia, I'm a fall baby, too, so maybe that's why I love this season so much. :)

bn100, picking pumpkins is definitely fun.


Going to the pumpkin patch every year is one of my favorite fall memories!


I remember one year we had a gigantic pumpkin to put on our front step. I was about 3 or 4, and the pumpkin was bigger than me. pjmillion (at) comcast (dot) net

Corinne Alexander

We've been visiting Turkey Run State Park in Indiana since I was a kid. I continued the tradition with my own kids. I learned this year that my Dad's family went when he was a kid too. We have so many wonderful memories from those times. We go every single fall. corinnealexander4@gmail.com

Janie McGaugh

A fun fall memory for me is going to the fair with my friends when I was in high school.
jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu


Thanks for sharing those pictures! =) I live in Massachusetts & I just love the fall things! I hate that it's gonna get colder, but I just love all the pretty colors around here when things start changing. One thing I love doing in the fall around now & october, is going on hayrides with my friends,... & I love the haunted hayrides too! Those are so fun lol.

Thank you for the giveaway! =)

Take care & I hope you have a great day! =)
BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I love pumpkin patches -- it's so fun to see all of them in one place!

Pam -- LOL -- I can only imagine what you thought with that big orange thing bigger than you. :)

Corrine, that's awesome, to have a tradition like that!

Janie, I've always loved going to the fair. Especially because of the food. LOL

Brandi, I hate the cold weather too, mainly because it seems like it lasts a lot longer than its allotted season. LOL But fall is a wonderful treat, isn't it? :) Hope you have a great day too!


I remember how much I loved to carve pumpkins when I was a kid. We had been growing pumpkins in our garden and some of them were bigger that me.

Thank you for the giveaway!
verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

Jen B

I have loads of great memories of running through the local park, kicking up piles of leaves and collecting conkers.

Melissa Crisp

I love the weather. I'm in South Texas so we have pretty nice weather from now until next May.
leighannecrisp at yahoo dot com

Stevie MacFarlane

As a child I used to love making leave houses in the backyard. We would rake them into lines a few inches high, leaving openings for doorways and dividing off the rooms with rows of leaves. So much fun.


Donna Cummings

Veronika, I used to love carving pumpkins too--it seemed to take forever to find the PERFECT one. :)

Jen, I don't know what conkers are. I need to know now!

Melissa, I'm SO envious of your nice weather. We'll have winter at least until May. LOL

Stevie, what a great idea! I might be making my own leaf house this year. LOL

Cheryl Rogers

I have great fall memories, some of the best is picking apples at the orchard and getting apple cider donuts made also on that site. I like to still take my kids there and get them a donut and have them pick a bag of apples!


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