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January 05, 2015


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Mae Clair

Mission accomplished, Donna. You always leave me with grins, chuckles and a few fanning the face moments :) I'm especially fond of your Regency romps, but I'm prone to giggle over anything you put your pen too.

And thanks for the memories of Ace Ventura. I'd forgotten what a silly, fun, entertaining movie that was!

Donna Cummings

Thanks, Mae! I'm glad I can make you laugh and fan your face. I tend to see most things in a humorous light, so I'm lucky that I have characters that do too. :) Now Endora is another story. . . LOL


Donna, that 'bad day at the office' sounds horrendous!

This sort of thing happens to the best of us though. I remember the Queen's Christmas talk to the nation in 1992 (I think), referring to an "annus horribilis" .... The Princess Royal and Captain Phillips were divorced, the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of York separated, and Windsor Castle went up in flames.

No idea whether the Queen writes fiction to unwind, but it sounds a great way to escape from some of the harsher realities around us.

Wishing you an Annus Magnificus for 2015!

Been kinda busy lately but I've missed you and your writing. :)

Donna Cummings

Q, it's so good to see you! I've missed you too. I was just thinking it had been so long since you'd been here, I figured you'd won the lottery and retired in Fiji. :)

I remember that "annus horribilis"! The Queen needed Ace Ventura to take her mind off things. LOL

And thanks for the "Annus Magnificus" wishes. I'm returning the same to you. :) Here's hoping you can stop by again soon. I'm going to try to blog a little more regularly again--all while trying to write a zillion books. LOL

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