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March 05, 2015


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Mae Clair

Endora is certainly a handful, Donna. I missed this yesterday (thanks to all the snow that fell and muddled up my whole day) but it's even better reading it on a Friday. You know I always love to eavesdrop when Endora drops by for a visit with you. It's just so amusing, I can't help it, LOL. However much she nags and sniffs disdainfully, you two are definitely doing something right based on how much I enjoy your books. Hopefully, you can coerce her back from her latest spa treatment for the next one. Happy Friday!

Donna Cummings

She IS a handful! Although clearly she thinks I'm the troublesome one. LOL I truly don't know how we manage to get anything done. But I'm glad you enjoy our efforts--it makes it all worthwhile. :)

Sorry to hear about your snow. We've had so much, it's nice that you took some of it off our hands. :)I've got my fingers crossed that spring will get here soon, esp. with Daylight Saving Time returning this weekend. Woo hoo!

Elizabeth Smith

I missed this--sorry--so I'm just now catching up. But really,Donna, I think you are working Endora much too hard. Maybe she does need that spa vacation--or is it you that needs the vacation? Very entertaining interview!

Donna Cummings

Elizabeth -- no worries! Well, except for the fact that Endora has convinced you that I'm working her too hard. LOL I think it would work out best if *I* went on that spa vacation. . . and leave Endora behind to get all this work done. :)

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