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July 15, 2015


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What inspires me is those random ideas that pop in my mind at random times that must be written. (If I don't write them, they keep me up at night.) I'm sure something inspires the ideas that inspires me but I don't ask. I can't ask because by the time the ideas (lets call them Joe) stop yelling "Write me! Write me!" Joe is never seen again. Unless it's my birthday, then he only comes to eat my cake. I have to threaten him with a plastic fork to protect my precious cake.
Of course, it's not long before I meet Joe's cousin Joey. Now Joey has just a little bit to add to Joe's idea.
"Everything sounds so much better with a y at the end, don't you agree?" -Joey.
"Joey lies, my story is perfect" -Joe.
The problem is that they both think they're right, even when they're wrong. It runs in their family. You do not want to meet their mother, she truly is a nightmare and a different story...thank goodness.

Donna Cummings

Madison, your ideas are just as unruly as mine! Isn't it great when they argue with each other as to which one is best? LOL I've always wondered why they gang up on us when we're drifting to sleep -- I guess we're more receptive then. Anyway, thanks for giving me a giggle. :)

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