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September 04, 2015


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It's never a fun time when you see the warmer season start to go!

Donna Cummings

Exactly! Especially since winter doesn't seem to realize it's not supposed to stay around for 9 months at a time. LOL

Mae Clair

I'm lamenting the demise of summer *sob* Although, it has hung around a little longer this year. I even got to enjoy my pool again last night, but it looks like we will be closing it up this weekend *wail*

Maybe I should attempt to make peach cobbler and see if Mother Nature will allow all that warm sunshine a bit longer. Hey, maybe Endora could talk to her for us, LOL!

Donna Cummings

I think summer is trying a new way to make me less weepy about it leaving -- yesterday was unbearably hot, and I finally thought, "okay, maybe it's time for you to start sneaking out of here." LOL

I also tried a new peach cobbler recipe, which was not quite like the one I remember my mom making. But hey, it'll be great with my coffee this morning! (Endora's holding out a plate for me to fill now. LOL)

I'm glad you got to enjoy your pool a little longer. Only another 9 months or so until time to open it again!

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