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January 06, 2019


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Hey Donna. Good to have you blogging again. We met through blogging. Remember #sixsunday ?

Hey I stumbled upon something last week-ish that might interest you. It's a 90day planner designed by an author. You buy the PDF (from Etsy) and print off home/work. It comes as Letter size and A5, week to view and daily pages. There's a dated and an undated version.

I went with the dated week to view in letter size for myself. So far so good. I've been working through the early pages and it seems to cover a lot of areas other planners don't think about. Makes me consider things I hadn't before. Worth a look I think.


Looking forward to your next post.


Thanks, Heather! I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed blogging. And I really do miss #sixsunday. It's funny--I feel like I've *always* known you so I couldn't remember when we met. But that makes sense though (and boy was that a long time ago!)

Thanks for the link. I'm definitely gonna check that out. I'm happy with the current planner I got for this year, which is an undated one--it has a lot of sections for other stuff, which I like since it doesn't feel as restrictive. But I like the sounds of the one you linked to. You always have such good info for me!

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